Czech for English speakers ( starter - advanced )

Czech for English speakers ( starter - advanced )

Have you been living in our country, but the knowledge of Czech is still not so good?
Would you like to know Czech and Czech habits etc.?
Would you like to be able to get by in current life situations?
Do you know something of Czech and want to improve it and yourself?

So, this course is the right one for you!

We offer lesson of Czech language given in English which are focused on general language and you will be able to manage all language skills - it means speaking, writing, reading and understanding the texts and listening. During the lesson, you will speak more than 80% of learning time Czech, mainly train the pronunciation which belongs to the most difficult part of the Czech language, because it contains a lot of sounds and English language doesn't know. The grammar is also differnt and quite difficult, but don't worry - our experienced teachers are able to explain everything in easy way and you will understand ery quickly and properly! Your progress will come very fast - at the end of each tem, you will move to higher level! 

What can you expect?

The courses are focued on using Czech in current life. You won't meet any vocabularies which you won't use or meet only once a year etc. We always use the most modern and high quality student's books which we give you for free, in electronical form to print, or we are also able to get the books for you in printed form, with discount of 10% if you like. 

Forget on boring and stereotype lesson known from other schools - our fully interactive lessons will pull you into the process !!!

Lessons are taugh not only in communicative way, but we also use modern, interactive technic to make the lessons more interesting and grapping! That improves the final result of he students too. The students aren't only passive listeners, but they are pulled straightly into it, participate together and are involved into educational process actively. We use interactive course books, audio and video records which students get some more practical information from. 

Course describtion

Our courses are divided into 5 current levels, according to CEF, from starters to advanced. The lessons are given in English by Czech native teacher with perfect knowledge of English. The lessons are not only for native English speakers, if you know English at least on B2 level in accordance with CEF, you can also register into some of these courses; if you aren't sure about your current Czech knowledge, you can do our test to verify your knowledge and we will tell you if you are able to take part in some of our courses. 
If you have some knowledge of Czech, so you aren't starter and want to improve your language skills and aren't sure about current knowledge, you can also do our entrance test and we will recommend the most convenient course. This is free of charge, of course. 
Each level contains pronunciation training, vocabularies, making sentences, regular exercises to communicate, different expressions using in every-day conversations and phrases. We put emphasis on SPEAKING and practical using of language in each level. 

We currently offer courses in these levels: 

Starters ( A1 )

  • you will learn basic vocabularies needed for all life situations, e. g.: family, weather, every-day activities, in a restaurant, getting around the towns and cities, at the doctor's, in the post office, at work, school and education, in a bank, in a hotel, telephoning and many others. 
  • you will be able to make sentences, questions and answers in all currently used tenses.
  • you will be able to get by in all current life situations
  • each level is finished by final test and you will get a certificate documented your achieved level of Czech language knowledge. 

Elementary - Advanced ( A2 - C1 )

  • you will use all gramatical tenses and other parts more actively, improve your speaking skills and fluency of your speaking, use longer sentences, and also train and improve your pronunciation.
  • vocabularies contains even abstract topics, more phrases and language focused on work and business, e. g.: at the airport, shopping, sights, relationships among people, working in an office, appyling for a job, business negotiations, tasks and targets, society, nature and environment, science, movies and theatre etc. 
  • after taking part in the course, you will get the knowledge of 2500 - 3000 vocabularies and also will be able to use all sentences on the level of the basic state examinations. 
  • each level is finished by final test and you will get a certificate documented your achieved level of Czech language knowledge. 

Current offer of courses in Benešov 

Name of the course Dates Time Price
Czech for starters 3. 10. - 30. 1. 2017 5.30 pm - 7 pm 3 990 CZK
Czech for elementary 3. 10. - 30. 1. 2017 5.30 pm - 7 pm 3 990 CZK
Czech for pre-intermediate 6. 10. - 2. 2.2017 5 pm - 6.30 pm 3 990 CZK
Czech for intermediate 6. 10. - 2. 2. 2017 6.30 pm - 8 pm 3 990 CZ

Current offer of courses in Vlašim

Name of the course Dates Time Price
Czech for starters 4. 10. - 31. 1. 2017 5.30 pm - 7 pm 3 490 CZK
Czech for elementary 4. 10. - 31. 1. 2017 7 pm - 8.30 pm 3 490 CZK
Czech for pre-intermediate 5. 10. - 1. 2.2017 5 pm - 6.30 pm 3 490 CZK
Czech for intermediate 5 10. - 1. 2. 2017 6.30 pm - 8 pm 3 490 CZK

The price includes:

  • set of course books free of charge, in electronical form
  • totally 17 lessons, 25,5 hours, in the extend of 1,5 hour, once a week
  • supplementary materials given by your teacher free of charge
  • hot and cold drinks during lesson for free

Supplementary information: 

  • the courses wll be open with at least 3 students in each group 
  • if you aren't able to take part in some of the lesson, you will get the overview of currently explained stuff via e-mail together with the overview of homework. In case of doubts, you can ask your teacher for consultation via e-mail for free
  • the lessons aren't given in the period of school holidays, so it means autumn holiday 26th - 30th October, Christmas holiday 19th December 2016 - 1st January 2017 and public holiday on 17th November 2016
  • we accept payments only in CZK, not in any other currencies
  • you can also pay for your course in some benefit vouchers which are only valid to be used in the Czech republic

Czech course application form

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