Autumn/Winter courses

Would you like to start study Czech and be able to live in our country? Lessons will be given by native Czech teacher speaking English. Believe that our country is very beautiful and you can travel around and make yourself in any common life situation, e. g.: have you already tasted typical Czech food? No? It`s time to do that and we make it easier - we tune up your Czech! Here you go!

Zvolte si variantu:

4 590,00 Kč

The price includes:

  • total amount of 27 classes, it means 18 lessons - one 90-minute lesson per one week; 
  • course book and workbook in English in PDF form to print or other use; 
  • supplementary materials from teacher for free; 
  • using applications G Suite to realize your lessons. 

Supplementary information:

  • lessons are suitable for everyone, not only for English native speakers. If you are from any onther country, you need to have your English on B2 level to be able to understand properly; 
  • lessons will be realized using G Suite applications made by Google - mainly Google Meet to realize live lessons with a teacher, then Google Classroom as a supplementary platform to make your study more efficient. In case of being sick or having other reason of being absent in any lesson, you will be able to find there all stuff which was taught on previous lesson; 
  • we will send you the invitation including the link to connect to the lesson and it is sufficient to click on it and you are on the lesson! If you use GMAIL, it will be recorded in Google Calendary where you can find the event including the link to the lesson;  
  • you need good internet connection, speed at least 40 Mbs/Sec. to work properly. You can also use your mobile with LTE or 5G connection which is very steady and reliable. We are not responsible for any technical difficulties on your site with Internet connection; 
  • we do not provide any compensation for lessons which you will miss. Instead of this, you will get everything explained in detailed in Google Classroom and you can study everything on your own or we can help you if you need; 
  • courses are suitable for any students, aged 12 and older; 
  • no previous knowledge of Czech is needed, we will teach you everything! 
  • maximum capacity of each course is 10 students per group; minimum of 3 students is needed to realize the course, the total amount of students is 9 per one group; 
  • teacher is experienced Czech native speaker, speaking perfect English! 
  • in case of any questions, do not hesitate to ask and write us to