What does the director say about the language school ELITE? 

When I was a child, I always admired teacher's work. The people, who have found the courage to educate others and give them their experience, have always been able to get my admiration and respect. In the course of time, I have found that I am instested in any other subjects than maths, biology, history etc., yes, you guess well, they are foreign languages. Since I was 8 years old, I have been studying English which belongs to my favourite languages and despite of being my work, it is my big hobby. I must also say that it has become my destiny. The other language which belongs to my favourite ones is French. I have got to like this wonderful and demanding language during my studies at secondary school and I have fallen in love with it and this "intoxication" still keeps me. When I used to be a student, many of my friends and classmates asked me for help with languages, and it was a reason why I told myself "Why not to provide my knowledge to others?", and this question led me here - to the language school ELITE where I have been working as its director and head teacher, and I am also an author of a unique teaching method which is used to teach our students. 

 I think that you know it very well - there are many people who have studied or have been studying a foreign language for many years, but the result is still the same - they are not able to use it in practise, they are confused in grammar, they know quite many words, but only in passive form. If they had to use the foreign language to communite with a foreigner, it would be a big problem for them.... 

My own experience during my studies and with teaching languages led me to make the unique teaching method which is able to teach our student the foreign language very well, they are going to be good at grammar, but mainly they are going to be able to use it actively, i. e. to communicate without any shyness, and during a very short period !!! You don't need to go from one language school to the other one wihout any result, we are going to enable you to reach a communicative level in a few months! So, isn't it a good message? 

A few years ago, I started with a project "ENGLISH AND FRENCH - TEACHING AND TRANSLATIONS" which you surely remember, and it was changed into the language school ELITE. It has been gradually extended about some other classrooms in Benešov and in January 2012, we opened a new brand in Vlašim, and have extended our offer about other languages - German, Russian and Spanish. More than 200 students ( private or business ones ), who are now able to communicate actively without stress, studied at our school. This skill helped them to get a better job, led them to study or other success, and believe me that is the biggest reward for me.... 

Currently many private and business students ( they are employees of managers of some big companies as Czech National Bank, Vodafone, Zentiva, DHL, Česká spořitelna, VZP, Cetelem etc. ) have been studying at our school. Everybody who is older than 15 years and his/her target is to be able to use the foreign language very well during a very short period, can study at our school. 

If you want to make a big progress in English or in any other language and be able to communicate actively, you are willing to anything for this, I am able to guarantee you that you will be able to get this skill and it won't take many years. I really appreciate your trust which you give us and I look forward to helping you to communicate with people from all over the world.  

I wish you good luck during your studies and using the foreign language in your life. 

Ing. Zita Hlaváčková
school manager / head teacher 

Do you want me to be your teacher? 
I will be really pleased to teach you ! 


There is some information about me: 

  • I have been teaching foreign languages since 2006;
  • Since that year, I have been working as a translator of professional texts which are mainly focused on technical English and French, and currently I have been working as an external translator for Skoda Auto in Mladá Boleslav;
  • one-year study and working stay in the USA;
  • I have held CAE certificate ( Certificate in Advanced English ) since 2006;
  • I have held DALF C1 ( Advanced level of French ) since 2007; 
  • Since 2011, I have been working as an external interpreter of legal and business English at the Embassy of Canada in Prague;
  • Since 2011, I have held the certificates ILEC Advanced ( Advanced level of legal English ) and BEC Higher ( Advanced level of business English )
  • In that year, I successfully passed the teaching examination CELTA ( Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults );
  • In 2012, I successfully passed the Cambridge examination CPE ( Certificate of Proficieny in English ) - level C2, i. e.: comparable with an educated native speaker;
  • Since June 2012, I have been working as a teacher of financial English for Czech National Bank management.