Language school ELITE follows the successful project "English and French - language teaching and translations" which you surely know from earlier time. This project gained many satisfied clients during recent years who are our students for a long time and they still enjoy attending our courses. Due to success of this project, we have decieded to rename it and give an apt name LANGUAGE SCHOOL ELITE to it. Are you asking why we have just chosen this name? The answer is very easy and shows our main target - to offer our students a very high-quality and efficient teaching of English, French, German, Russian, Spanish and Czech for foreigners by our unique method, which can put you into an elite users of a foreign language, and who will be able to use it in real life, not only "can speak" in passive way.  

Nowadays language school ELITE has two branches, in Benešov and in Vlašim which was opened in January 2012, and it has found many clients who are our excited students. We are always ready to offer you something new because we really know that a high-quality and good education move you towards your dreams, makes your self-confidence stronger, improves your professional lives and helps you to realise your dreams. We always try to improve our students's lives by handing the ability to actively speak in foreign language to them and we teach them how to study it with a high level of understanding. 

What can we offer you?

Individual lessons  

This type of lesson belongs to the most requited at our school. This is also the most efficient way of study of foreign language and students can reach demanded results in a short time! During individual lessons our tutors use our teaching method which teach you to speak actively without any undesirable shyness. You can choose wheather you would like to study general or professional language or if you combine both of them. You can also choose of many different fields of professional specializations. There is one good point of view - you can choose between two types of lessons - the lessons with a permanent schedule or with a flexible schedule. We know that there are many of you who work in shifts and are not able to attends lessons in permanent dates, nevertheless they want to study a foreign language. We also offer lessons with Czech tutor or with a native speaker - a very well experiences tutor from the USA teaches these lessons. Are you interested? Look at the section Individual lessons

Specialized language courses

Are you looking for a course which is "different" and will be able to hand you different and more efficient knowledge and skills? Do not forget to look at our offer including specialized language courses and you will certainly find a suitable one for you. The course called PREPARATION FOR SCHOOL-LEAVING EXAMINATION belongs to our most required ones and hand them knowledge and skills which are needed to pass this examination successfully. This course is also suitable as a preparation for entrance examinations to universities. The other course which is also very favourite is THE INTRODUCTION TO CONSECUTIVE INTERPRETING which allows students to take a look into the world of interpreters and prepares them for this prestigious and demanding job. These two courses are very favourite and are permanent in our offer. Of course, we prepare the other interesting courses therefore do not forget to look at our websited regularly. You can start clicking on link Language courses

Courses of general language 

Courses of general English are very favourite mainly in our branch in Vlašim, therefore they are mostly realized there. Of course, these courses are offered in our branch in Benešov too. These courses are designed that students speak English 80% of each lesson and due to perfect explanation of grammar, they make progress in a very short time! These lessons are oriented to be useful in students's private and professional lives. We do not teach vocabularies and topics which are not common in use! The courses are divided into 3 - 4 common language levels, from starters to advanced and we test each client carefully before putting him/her into a relevant level. This is realized by written and oral tests. Would you like to get more information about our courses? Click on this link Language courses

Corporate teaching lessons  

This offer is designed for our clients from large and small companies, authorities and other institutions. We are ready to provide you a complex service, from teaching lessons to a complete processing of agenda connected to lessons. To get more information, click on this link Company teaching

We also offer

Other benefits for you 

Evening and week-end's lessons without any extra fees!
Don't you have time to study a foreign language during working days or in the afternoon? There is no problem - you can study in the evening ( we teach from 6.30 am to 9.30 pm ) in a week and at the week-ends from 7.00 am to 8.30 pm. We do not charge any extra fees for evening or week-end's lessons !!!

Student's books FREE OF CHARGE or with 10% OFF 
You do not have to buy any books if you do not want. We provide all of our student's books FREE OF CHARGE, in electronical form which you will print according to our instructions and bring them to each lesson. If you are interested in buying them, we are able to arrange it with 10% discount. 

Passing final exam and getting certificate 
If you are interested, you can pass a final exam at the end of your study at our school. There is one condition to pass the final exam - you have to have your current studying level completed before passing the final exam. Our final exam is similiar to international exam which are accepted worldwide, e. g. Cambridge ESOL examinations etc.. If you pass the final exam at our school successfully, you will get a certificated documented your reached level of language knowledge. The detailed information will be given to you by your tutor. 

Attractive system of discounts 
There is an attractive system of discounts for our students. It includes some discounts provided students pay individual lessons at least for 6 months in advance.  The discount 5% OFF for our language courses is prepared for students of individual lessons. The same discount is provided for our former students who attended courses of geneal and specialized language and they are decided to follow their studies in some other courses. 

Easy availability of our class rooms and parking FREE OF CHARGE 
 Our class rooms in Benešov and in Vlašim are easily available by car, bus, train or walk. There is also one big advantage - both of our branches are located next to large car parks which are free of charge and have free capacity for most of each day. Our branch in Benešov disposes of two own parking places.