Teaching in different ways.... 

Have you attended many different courses without seeing any results? 
Do you think you haven't made any progress? 
Everything puzzles you and you don't know how to get out of that?
Would you like to try some different teaching methods?


Don't worry about trying different ways of teaching and studying, try our language school and you will find out that's very easy...

The base of our teaching methods, which is used to teach at language school ELITE is a traditional method of teaching, involving also a guided conversation which simulates environment in foreign languages. We use high-quality teaching and studying materials which were published by renomated foreign publishers and these materials also includes exercises to practise all language skills which are needed for each student. Because of this, our students are able to study foreign language very well and very fast as well !!! And finally, it doesn't take a lot of years in comparison with many other language school or teachers, and you are also able to safe a significant amout of money. Don't you believe it? Just try it and you will see... 

Would you like to study foreign language very well and safe a lot of money? 
You are in the right place then - at language school ELITE

How does it work? 

Everything depends on current student's knowledge of the language to whom the lessons are adjusted. It is impossible to use only one teaching method to teach students of all language levels - it won't have any positive result at all. Starters are firstly taught how to pronounce well, extend and practise vocabularies, do and practive syntax and study grammar. It is also necessary to say that our students are led to be able to understand speaking which is very important if they want to be able to speak actively. Even starters communicate during lessons very often !!!

Students who are more advanced extend their knowledge in new grammar, mainly in more difficult tenses and practise communication in more difficult sentences, in many current and unusual life situations. Everything is based on practising communication including grammar which was just explained, because its right using belongs to the most important skills during studying foreing language - you are always able to find some word in a dictionary, but are you able to use it in a sentence correctly? 

Grammar is taught to make your communication easier - you don't have any chance to study foreign language without grammar at all! Don't worry - you won't become a "linguist" whose head is full of many different definitions, but if he had to speak to a foreigner, he would be lost.... We explain you all in very easy way to be able to use even difficult tenses without any problems! Explanation of grammar is based on sentence patterns which are immediately used in practise to remember currently explained grammar more easily! 

Forget the boring and monotonous lessons at other schools !!! 
Take part in interactive lessons !!! 

Teaching in English language courses is realised by modern, interactive form which offers students more effective, funnier and immonotonous method of teaching and it also increases their motivation to study. Because of this, student aren't only passive listeners, but they are involved into each lesson, they participate in that and get involved in education process. We use some interactive studying and teaching materials including many audio and video records which enable students to get practical information about currently explained topic or tense. 

Teacher's role during teaching 

The main task of each teacher is to help students speak well and improve their skills step by step. Teacher ensures that students will understand everything clearly and present them so many topics which they are able to pick up. Our experienced teachers are also able to recognise some barriers in studying process which could be discovered at some students, so he gets you back to the lesson immediately and studying languages will be more effective and funnier for you. You mustn't also forget active cooperation with your teacher if you want to study the language very well - it isn't possible to rely on lessons at school only. The other important teacher's task to create friendly and opened athmosphere for his students which is essential not only to study. Students mustn't worry about asking anything if they don't understand - nobody is perfect and your teacher will helpfully explain it to you once again. 

Are you deciding whether study at us? 
Model lesson can make your decision easy! 

We don't organize any fictitious model lesson which resemble recruitment as competitive language schools usually do. Each model lesson is designed for each student separately and depends on his requests, knowledge level and content of lessons. This is the best way to see how our teaching lessons and method look like and whether they are suitable for your future studies. Your attendance on this model lesson is non-binding and free of charge, and you will have a possibility to decide if you want to study at our school after attending this model lesson and taking consultation. There is only one condition - to do an entrance test to check your current language knowledge - we have to desing a model lesson just for you to make the best impression about your potential studies at our school. 

How to order a model lesson? 

Contact us by e-mail info@jazykovka-elite.cz and we will be happy to arrange all important and needed things.