Study Czech in English language in Benešov and in Vlašim 

Our language school also offers couses of Czech for foreigners - these courses are the most suitable for English speaking people because we teach in English language, so you don't have to be worried if your Czech isn't good enough or you are a starter and know only a few words of it. Our lessons are very convenient for you - you will be taught by experienced Czech native speaker who is fluent in English and able to explain everything to you properly !!!

Just a few words about Czech language... 

This language belongs to the most difficult languages in the world and has many features and other characteristics which aren't known in English, e. g.: declension of nouns and adjectives, sameness of subject with verb, conjugation of verbs etc.. Letters in the alphabet are just the same, but some of them have really different signs in comparation with English and that's the reason why pronounciation could be sometimes difficult for English speakers. But don't worry - our teachers have much experience with teaching Czech for English speakers and are able to explain everything to you really clearly and you will finally see that our language isn't so difficult as is often presented... 
But our lessons won't be only about language, you will be able to get more information about our country, our habits and traditions, tips for trips in your free time and some other useful information according to your requests. Just don't study only the language, study our facts too! 

Only our language school teaches Czech in English language in Benešov or in Vlašim. Don't worry to study with us if you are starter - lessons are given properly in English 


How we teach Czech? 

We offer individual, face2face lessons or group courses for plublc, we can also make a group course tailored to your needs and requests. We offer standard courses which are paid monthly or semestrial courses - if you have a semestrial one, you get more convenient price! Other advantage for you is, that we have all studying materials in electronical form and we can give you them for free !!! 
The lessons are taught in communicative form and you will work out mainly pronounciation which is important to be able to speak well, develop your listening skills, reading and understanding some texts to use the language actively. We use student's books and other materials which have good structure, are well-done and attractive for students. We will be able to learn Czech quickly and cheaply, just only with us! 

What we offer? 

We offer lessons of Czech for all levels according to CEF - from starters to advanced. If you have some knowledge of Czech or have ever studied it, you will do an entrance test to verify your actual knowledge of the language. Based on its result, we will tell you more about your future studying at our school and choose the best studying materials. The essential thing is to be able to speak English fluently, at least be on B2 level according to CEF if you aren't English native speaker. 

If you are interested, look at our current offer of Czech courses given in English. We can help you to choose the most convenient course for you if you need, so don't hestitate to Write us